IDA history in Germany

„International Diving Association" – IDA was established in June 1966.

The idea behind the founders was a combination of the professionalism of many American organizations and of sport diving innovations with high educational standards of CMAS.

Last knowledge and achievements have an impact on systems of training for divers and instructors, so that IDA instructors all over the world provide modern and safe diving courses.

The high educational standards and common joy of being in the "wet world" guarantee optimal entry into the diving world of IDA.

Partner organizations of a worldwide scope offer our divers and instructors all possible training and retraining.


  • IDA is a member of CMAS Germany
  • IDA is a partner of CMAS Thailand
  • Other partnerships with foreign organizations CMAS
  • IDA is a member of „Fordeskkreis Sporttauchen e.V."
  • IDA is a member of „RSTC Europ"
  • IDA is a member of „ITLA"
  • IDA is a member of „A.B.R.E."
  • IDA is a partner of the German Red Cross water rescue section.